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Taking your mix to another level

My fellow music makers: 

You've worked hard writing songs, you have them recorded and you're happy with the way the mixes have turned out. So you're done now, right?

Well, almost...

Before releasing your creation into the world, give your music the justice it deserves by sending it to be checked and treated by an audio specialist who will act as a final quality control and will add the icing on the cake.

Here is where                                    steps in. 

A good mastering engineer will gently massage your mixes into sounding the best they can be. Wether it's a single track, an EP or an Album; the mastering process will help your music hold its own when played alongside other commercially released tracks of a similar genre. A well mastered track also gives the assurance that it will translate well across all playback systems and across various  mediums including; online streaming platforms, CD and Vinyl.


  • Qualified Engineer

  • High-end analog and digital hybrid processing

  • Dedicated mastering suite

  • Masters optimised for Streaming platforms, CD and Vinyl


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LF Mastering

Hear the Difference

Info to include when sending files



Pay Here...
£35 per Stereo Track

(Select the quantity and the price will adjust accordingly)

Please Note: 

Work on tracks sent will only commence after payment has been received 

Send Tracks Here...

Upload Check List:

  • Remove any limiting from your pre-master

  • Make sure the level of your track doesn't peak above 0dB  

  • When Possible, Leave approximately 4 seconds silence at the beginning and at the end of the exported track (this could help if any noise reduction is needed)

  • Don't normalise or apply any dither when you export

  • Audio should be WAV , AAC or Flac (mp3's are not advised but can be used if necessary)

  • Bounce your track in the same format as your DAW session. (48khz/24bit or 44.1khz/16bit are most common) - include this info in the message section on the upload page (if you know it)

  • Listen to the entire bounce before sending for mastering. Listen out for any errors (including pops and clicks) in the audio as these are better fixed at source (however these will be fixed as part of the mastering process should any slip through the net)

  • Think about realistic and relevant reference tracks that you might be able to suggest.

  • Most importantly - make sure you are as happy as you can be with your mix before uploading and be sure to submit the correct file!


  • When Do I Pay? - Work on your song(s) will begin once payment has been received. Therefore, it is recommended to make payment at the same time as uploading your song(s). Payments can be made using the Paypal icon found above the upload link.

  • How Long Will The Mastering Take? - Mastering is completed within 5 working days .If you require your song(s) back by a certain date, please mention this when uploading your files and Lee will be in touch regarding your deadline.

  • What Will I Receive? 

  1. Master (24bit 48kHz wav)

  2. CD Master (16bit 44.1kHz wav)

  3. MP3 Master (320kbs mp3)

  • How Do I send My Files? Your files can be uploaded securely via the upload form found on this page. `However, before uploading, please refer to the upload check list for peace of mind.

  • What if I submit the wrong track or incorrect version? Providing the mastering processes hasn't already begun, you can send the updated track free of charge. If however, work on that particular track has already begun, this will be treated as a new upload and therefore, full payment will be expected for the new track/version before work will commence.

  • Do you do Stem Mastering? - Yes! Up to 8 Stems will be accepted at an additional cost of £20 per song. (i.e £55 per song) Don't make payment, Instead, send Lee an email and he will make you a tailor made invoice

  • Do you Master for Vinyl? - Yes! at an additional cost of £10 per song. (i.e £45 per song)  If you wanted stem and vinyl mastering, for example, that would be the base rate of £35+ £20 (stem) + £10 (vinyl) = 65 per song. Don't make payment, Instead, send Lee an email and he will make you a tailor made invoice

  • What if i'm not happy with my Master?  On the very rare occasion a client isn't 100% satisfied, Lee goes above and beyond to address any issues. He won't stop until you are happy. However, If after all this you are still not satisfied, Lee will refund you the entire amount. (thankfully, this scenario is yet to have occurred)

If you would like more information, please feel free to contact Lee:




Please share the good news with your musical friends:

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