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My fellow music makers: I'm offering an Audio Mastering Service where YOU name the price

Allow me
to wrap my ears
around your music
gently massage it
to sound the best it can be
across the major streaming platforms.

Did I mention; you will receive the Master Free of Charge?

(Some say i'm crazy, but I truly believe that musicians on the whole, are a reasonable and honest bunch)

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Most Recent Works


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Song: "idk"
Artist: BETH.


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Song: "idk"
Artist: BETH.

How It Works

1. Upload your mixed track  (see recommendations)
2. Leave it with me and I'll put in the work
3.You will receive the fully mastered track (ASAP)
4. Only pay what it's worth to you OR whatever you can afford
5. Tell your friends and perhaps.. leave me a nice review? :)

Please email me to check availability before uploading your mix

Once given the go ahead... please follow these steps:

Click here to

via wetransfer

Upload Recommendations:

  • Remove any limiter from your pre-master

  • Make sure the level of your track doesn't peak above -3dB  

  • Leave approximately 4 seconds silence at the beginning and at the end of the exported track

  • Don't normalize or apply any dither when you export

  • Audio to be WAV or AAC (Mp3's are not advised)

  • Bounce your track in the same format as your DAW session. ( 48khz/24bit or 44.1khz/16bit are most common) include this info in the song title

  • Listen to the entire bounce before sending for mastering. Listen out for any errors (including pops and clicks) in the audio as these will become more prominent in mastering

  • Think about realistic and relevant reference tracks that you might be able to suggest or send to me

  • Make sure you are as happy as you can be with your mix before uploading

If you would like some more information, please feel free to contact me via email


Email: lfmastering@gmail.com


Share the good news with your friends: lee-francis.co.uk/mastering


  1. Click on "Upload Mix"

  2. Click         and select "Send email transfer"

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3. Upload File(s)

4. Email to: lfmastering@gmail.com

5. Enter Your Email

6. Enter the song title

7. Add your name and any project details

8. Click "Transfer"

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I will send you an email to confirm I have received your upload​

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