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Welcome to 

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Transforming your music into a masterpiece

Welcome to LF Mastering, where your music is transformed into a masterpiece. With years of experience and a passion for sound, a range of services to enhance your tracks and bring out their full potential. From analog stereo mastering to stem mastering and Dolby Atmos mixing, I have the passion and the expertise to make your music shine.

Give your music the quality sound it deserves by sending it to be checked and treated by an audio specialist who will act as a final quality control and will add that professional sheen.

A good mastering engineer will respectively mould your mixes into sounding the best they can be, wether it's a single track, an EP or an Album; the mastering process will help your music hold its own when played alongside other commercially released tracks of a similar genre.

A well mastered track also gives the assurance that it will translate well across all playback systems and across various mediums including; online streaming platforms, CD and Vinyl.

  • Qualified Engineer

  • Fully Calibrated mastering suite

  • High-end analog and digital hybrid processing

  • Masters optimised for Streaming platforms, CD and Vinyl

  • Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 Equipped 


Lee's mastering has really brought my mixes to life.

I highly recommend him, if you're wanting any mastering doing.

Thank you so much, Lee, for your patience and hard work!


Jake Dixon
(Hiding Magpies)

Lee is my go-to mastering engineer who not only has the tools to give your productions that icing on the cake but he's also a well-rounded mature musician with a fantastic ear. This lends itself naturally to his fantastic mastering skills and his work on my own tracks is sterling evidence of that. Quality top-end service I'll definitely be using again. Highly recommended.

Grant Hunt
(EDM Producer)

I’d highly recommend using LF MASTERING if your looking for a professional mastering service that takes your mixes to a whole new level.

The difference between my mixes and Lee’s masters of both my EP and recent single is night and day! Can’t recommend him enough!!

(Independant Artist)

Lee mastered one of my songs and to say myself and the producer I was working with were blown away!! Without doubt I’ll be a returning customer! Amazing work

Lee mastered a track i produced for Matt Ginno and he nailed it. A pleasure to work with!

Matt Heap
(Music Producer)

Lee Tomkins

Lee takes the time to make it just right and is great at what he does. He has a detailed ear and is also super friendly. That's why I'm glad he's FINALLY opened up his skills for everyone to use!

Cornelia Honold
(Independant Artist)

Hear the Difference



Dangerous Bax EQ
SSL Bus+ - Compressor

SSL Fusion - Analog Colour

Maag EQ4M - Mid-Side Equalisation

Rupert Neve Portico II - Master Bus Processor


Focal Shape Twin

Focal Aria 926

Yamaha NS10

Castle Conway

AKG HD600 (headphones)


Soothe 2

Izotope RX10

Pro Tools Studio

Fabfilter Bundle

Hofa DDP Master

Izotope Ozone 10

Meterplugs Dynameter

Meterplugs Perception 

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Outstanding Quality Or Your Money Back

If you are not 100% satisfied with the results, Lee goes above and beyond to address any concerns you may have and doesn't stop until you are completely happy.

If however, after all this you are still not satisfied, you will be refunded the entire amount. (this scenario is yet to have occurred)

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