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Releasing my debut single to the world means a whole lot to me. Although, it's not been plain sailing

When I started conjuring music at the age of 9, writing was fun and exiting. Without a care in the world, music evaporated from my pours much like a warm haze rising up from a hot spring.

However, this care free relationship with writing music diminished with the years that followed on from my fathers passing. I don't know why, but I found myself critiquing everything I wrote.

Nothing was ever good enough and I've trampled on hundreds of musical seedlings before they even had a chance to bloom. 

This unhealthy mindset continued for nearly two decades which got me thinking "if i don't start sharing my music now, perhaps i never will" which I would undoubtably regret.


So here I am, I'm giving myself a break and just going for it. Warts an all.

Who knows, if you guys like what you hear, maybe it will push me to record more, possibly do an EP or even an Album.


Thanks for joining me on this and I hope you enjoy what i have to offer x


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