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Lee Francis

Audio Engineer | Multi-instrumentalist

"Like all great sound engineers, Lee is also a brilliant musician who can play almost any instrument you throw at him! I believe Lee’s extensive musical knowledge and experience gives him the edge over many competitors.

What I find most impressive about Lee, however, is his absolute commitment and meticulous attention to detail that he devotes to his work. For these reasons I strongly recommend that you work with Lee, you will not be disappointed!"

Luca Alari-Williams

"Lee is a good friend of ours, not only is he a brilliant audio engineer - he's also a fantastic composer.

A truly talented individual!"

Rodeax LTD

Lee Francis



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"Lee is far more then a great technical player, his true passion for music cannot go unnoticed, when he plays you know! Adding his personal touch to every performance, lee instinctively knows when to keep it simple and when to open up the taps."  John Henson

Inspired by his father, Lee has dedicated his life to writing, performing and producing music.

With over 20 years industry experience, Lee has proven himself to be a valued asset on a multitude of live shows, recording sessions and corporate events.


A qualified audio engineer having been awarded an honours degree from the School of Audio Engineering in Oxford. Extensive experience in mixing live shows and running busy recording sessions, both within recording studios and on location.


With a keen ear and a strong musical background, Lee happily pushes the boundaries to get the best results for his clients and subsequently for himself.


A performer, composer and arranger with the ability to apply his talents to a wide selection of instruments and musical genres. Skills set including: Guitar, Drums, Piano, Bass Guitar, Zither, Congas and Vocals. Intuition and the ability to 'play by ear' are each contributing factors that shape the unique and exceptional musician he is today.

Having collaborated and shared the stage with an abundance of talent, Lee has gained a strong reputation amongst his peers as a versatile, reliable and dedicated session musician.

"Lee's down to earth personality and good attitude are  qualities which makes him a fun and inspirational person to collaborate with."  James Peters



Presented here is a selection of key projects  

Audio Engineer
Kefaya - Symphony feat. Nicki Wells

Kefaya - Symphony feat. Nicki Wells

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St Edmund Hall, University of Oxford, from the air

St Edmund Hall, University of Oxford, from the air

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Olcay Bayır- Yar Dedi- Canlı Performans- Beloved,It said- Composed&Performed by Olcay Bayır

Olcay Bayır- Yar Dedi- Canlı Performans- Beloved,It said- Composed&Performed by Olcay Bayır

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Mosafer / Elaha Soroor with Kefaya

Mosafer / Elaha Soroor w